Los Ojos De La Familia 2014 LODLF Holiday Gift Basket Event
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A grassroots movement to make a difference in the New Mexico community by providing educational development and quality of life assistance.

2013 Holiday Basket Event

LODLF 2013 Holiday Basket Event

2012 Holiday Basket Event

LODLF 2012 Holiday Basket Event

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    NM Humanitarian Award H.O.P.E. Scholarship
    The scholarships is awarded to students with a high level of academic achievement, exhibit high levels of determination and drive, possess strong leadership skills, and are actively involved in the community.   » More Information

    You can designate Los Ojos De La Familia as your charity of choice when you donate to United Way of New Mexico. Click on the banner to download the form:
    Designate Los Ojos De La Familia as your United Way Charity
    100% of donated funds goes to helping people in our community. All time, effort, and supplies required for the organization to function are donated by members of Los Ojos de la Familia. This way, we can pass on the maximum amount of assistance to those in need.